Cleavage Appeal

In honor of National Cleavage Day, I present you with my own…

You Like?

What is it about cleavage? Male or female, straight or gay, I get comments on my cleavage all day long. I know I check out & appreciate other women with great cleavage.

Right, my cleavage may be peeking out of the deep V of my top, or bursting out of a strapless top, but is it my fault? Put the same shirt on a girl who is not as well-endowed, and it’s a much different look. I shouldn’t be doomed to a life of wearing crewneck or turtleneck tops, just because of a little cleavage though, should I? I refuse to be ashamed of my cleavage or feel as though I need to hide it.

My motto? Classy, NOT trashy.

So… tell me. What is the appeal of cleavage? 


10 comments on “Cleavage Appeal

  1. Your cleavage is #MonishApproved

  2. ishisphere says:

    Nice curves. =)

    Are you bengali by any chance?

  3. Sahil says:

    Seems like your original question has not been answered – What is the appeal of the cleavage?

    Well, I’m no behavioral specialist nor a psychologist by my two cents are that it makes men feel safe. Just like they do when they are resting their head in a woman’s lap. It reminds, consciously or sub-consciously, of their time as kids with their mothers. The lap, the ruffling of their hair, the breasts which were the first source of food. Maybe, biologically speaking, being breast fed sparks some connections in our brain that are rekindled when we are close to them.

    Or maybe its just a case of men liking something soft, nice & comfortable & nice to play with – something they don’t have. Nature’s way of attracting one sex to the other. Being attracted to what we do not possess is a basic human tendency.

  4. Sahil says:


    and nice should only have been there once.

    Don’t stab me. I’ve had more wine than I should have.

  5. kera says:

    Its appealing because it shouldn’t be out.

  6. Joaquin Basilico says:

    It’s all about what’s almost showing, about soft curves, the promise of even more alluring hidden assets.

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