WTF, America? Abbreviations that SUCK.


Brekkie = Breakfast

Jelly, Jeals = Jealous

Champers = Champagne

Presh = Precious

Hilare = Hilarious

Profesh = Professional

Obvi = Obviously

When the hell did this happen?? Seriously. Make. It. Stop. Is it so f-cking hard to pronounce that extra syllable, or wrap your mouth around pronouncing an ‘f’ or an ‘s’? Really, people?

We talk about how people in America are getting stupider. I find that the people who are most defensive of this concept often can’t spell, don’t understand the concept of grammar, and abbreviate words that really do not need abbreviating. Abbreviations are there for a reason, and should only be used if they are commonly used and known.

Sure, you can say & do whatever you want. Honestly. But realize that people will judge you, and perhaps stop listening to you altogether.

Step it up and learn English. After all, if you live in the States (or a country where English is the primary language), shouldn’t you be able to demonstrate mastery of the one language you’re required to learn? (I realize that some of these words may be commonly used in other countries. Leave them to those countries, will you please?)

If you decide you need to use any of these abbreviations anywhere in my immediate vicinity, please realize 2 things:

  • I will immediately lose respect for you.
  • My knife is easier to unsheathe than you think.

Don’t make me get my knife.


7 comments on “WTF, America? Abbreviations that SUCK.

  1. Sir Eccles says:

    It’s quite easy to blame twitter, having only one hundred and forty characters to play with makes people lazy, they forget to use good gramm

  2. hlbb says:

    The other day I heard someone I work with offer an espresso to a visitor. He said, “you want an esspess?” Seriously? You couldn’t just leave the “o” in there?

    It’s getting ridiculous.

  3. SSharma says:

    I haven’t heard of any of these other than “hilar.” Maybe you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. In fact, if you have friends that support this shit and say “wow Rani, you’re so insightful!”. Yes. Yes you are.

    • I don’t quite understand what your comment means, but if it makes you happy, then we’re all good.

      And no, I refuse to hang out with people that use any of these abbreviations in everyday language. Many of these were submitted by my Twitter followers.

  4. SSharma says:


    Don’t make me get my knife, cause if I’m too slow, I’ll just sit on your comment until I come up with something, or just delete it. Enjoy spending your night coming up with something to dickslap me with.

    Free V-Nasty.

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