Maybe Not Fair, but Lovely.

Don't Do This At Home...

This is a post for my Indian brethren… the ladies, more specifically.

Put. It. DOWN.

Why don’t you buy foundation that MATCHES your skin? Seriously. Throw the effing ‘Fair and Lovely’ out the window, and buy foundation that MATCHES. Not a shade or two lighter… no, no, PUT THAT DOWN. Lighter foundation is NOT going to make you look lighter. It’s going to make you look like an idiot who doesn’t know how to pick out makeup.

Please, go to a makeup counter or Sephora and ask for help–that’s what they’re there for. Otherwise, you just might end up looking like this…

WHAT happened here??

(That is the scariest thing I have ever seen. I have no idea who sent this to me, but it just makes me sad.)


16 comments on “Maybe Not Fair, but Lovely.

  1. ChaiChatter says:

    Bhoot! I see dead peple !

  2. my mom was trying to get me to use “fair & lovely” recently. ugh. i explained to her that it was basically bleach, and that it causes cancer. she had no idea, but threw all of it out (she’s a breast cancer survivor), but still had the guts to ask, “you don’t want to be fair & lovely?” to which i replied, “NO MOM. I WANT TO BE DARK AND HIDEOUS.”

    also, have you seen the men’s version, “fair & handsome”? shah rukh khan is the spokesperson. and shahid kapoor (as beautiful as her is) is the face of vaseline’s men’s product that’s supposed to give you “visible fairness in 2 weeks”. there’s even a fb appication that will show you what you will look like a few shades lighter after using the vaseline product.

    sorry for ranting, but this makes me GRRRRRR.

    ❤ this blog, btw. AMAZING.

    • Thank you so much for the blog love!

      I have heard of Fair & Handsome, as well as the Nivea/Vaseline FB app that lightens your skin. I have a blog post that I’m working on to address my thoughts on the ‘fairness’ issue, but it gets me SO fired up that I have to step away from it… frequently.

      It’s a shame that our culture values fairness as a factor of self-worth. There are SO many beautiful women & men in our culture who get the proverbial shaft b/c of the color of their skin. A damn shame. Good for you for standing up to your mother!! I hope she realizes that YOU are the thing worth valuing, not your skin tone.


  3. hahaha, i don’t know if my mother values me less because i’m slightly darker (i really am not even that dark, she and my dad are just fairer-skinned than i am), i she just thinks i’d be prettier with lighter skin or something. i also think, in general, this is what most indian people think. for some reason, fairer skin is prettier or more aesthetically please or whatnot. it’s like the whole “blondes have more fun” nonsense we’ve got in the states, except with our skin which is much more offensive (i think) whatever, everytime my dadi calls me “kaali”, i remind her that SHRI KRISHNA HIMSELF was dark. TAKE THAT DADIMAA.

    also, ask me a question on! i’ll be sure to sass your pants off.


  4. Gia says:

    LOL! OMG I love this – !

    Except, I think I’ve been guilty of it in the past… oops! But I fear my shade no more! so glad to have stumbled upon your blog today!


  5. dutchgirl6ft1 says:

    I’m stunned, because most white girls (myself included) bemoan being fair. We tan (also cancer-causing), put on fake-n-bake (never looks natural), and spend tons of $$ on all this other stuff to have darker skin.

    Very much enjoy your ramblings. Stay angry 🙂

    • lolno says:

      Haha no. Most white girls I know just say that but secretly, they love their skin. Maybe in America, tan is sorta in…but not dark. They want tan and BLONDE + BLUE eyed. There’s stills tigma agaisnt real dark skin.

  6. Mrs. F says:

    Love this post. Will print out on my color printer for some of my extended family…..

  7. Tanya Pereira says:

    Hey all of you,

    I was wondering if any of you can help support my ‘Not fair, still lovely’ page on facebook. Here is the link:!/pages/Not-Fair-Still-Lovely/202108109842340

    My goal is to broaden people’s perception of skin tone in India….so that young Indian girls won’t have to suffer through low self esteem and depression because they’re constantly told that dark skin is ugly. Think you cud help me out? If so, please hit ‘like’ on the page, share it with your facebook friends and post your thoughts/opinions on the matter.


  8. typefashion says:

    I dont know if ever the fixation for light skin will ever go !

    I agree its very important to use the correct foundation but people think the lighter the better !

    Bang on topic 🙂

  9. dusky gal says:

    well..this is an issue tht constantly used to ruin my days too….its ludicrous tht the indian society gives such unnecessary importance to physical attributes lyk color n height…i dont hv both!!!…n i’m still happy…b coz im mature enough to noe tht this is wht lyf is not all abt!!!
    hey itz even worse whn ur sis happens to be “the typical blue-eyed, ruddy, and pretty kinda gal…n u happen to b the unfortunate “dark, huge black-eyed” kind…i may hv better features thn ma sis…but b coz i’m dark people pay no heed to features..color..color..color…this wz wht i thought whn i wz young…now i know iam no less…im grateful to god..hez given me 2 eyes, 2 hands, brains n evrything gud in lyf!!!!

    • Connie says:

      The attraction to light skin has something to do, in part, with colonialism and the belief that “white was right” given who was in power. This issue is not unique to India. It is a form of internalized oppression, similar to what other cultures have experienced across the globe as victims of colonialization or similar oppression. I was very disappointed to see SRK endorsing Fair and Handsome. It’s sad because I think he is personally more attractive with a more tanned look. Color should not be considered a determining factor for beauty. Please keep the conversation going.

      • ouietnonfille says:

        @Connie, in other colonized places, maybe your comments are true. In this case though, the belief that those with fair skin are better/prettier is much, much older. This is because it’s believe that those who are cultured, well-bred or wealthy are thought to have fairer skin, usually because they aren’t in the hot Indian sun getting a tan, but have the luxury of staying inside the home while their maid-servants run errands and do the outside work for them. So basically dark skin is seen as dirty because those who have to do laborious work, or perhaps are just not in the wealthiest economic class have darker skin (usually). Basically it has more to do with the belief that the color of your skin is somehow reflective of your class, education and breeding, (which, honestly, these days, doesn’t even matter because India has become a capitalist country). Fair skin vs. dark skin was something that was going on long before the British came around and stomped about.

  10. This is always insanely upsetting. It’s pretty repulsive the obsession with fairness that is prevalent amongst South Asians.

  11. ishisphere says:

    That bride looks scary.

    I just wrote something about this topic.

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