Please Hold…

This Should NOT Be How You Live Your Life...

After seeing my timeline clogged, day after day, night after night, with young girls in their twenties tweeting about lost love, trying to find love, or why they don’t have husbands, I just couldn’t f-cking handle it any more. Why are you all sitting around pining?

I went on a rant on Twitter: “Makes me sad to see young girls desperately seeking a mate. Get out there & live ur damn life! Never know where/when you’ll meet ur mate!  Don’t wait to try that new restaurant, travel to that faraway land, or buy that flashy new car until ‘after I get married’. You’re not dead.  Go live your life! You’ll be happier, have more life experiences, & be a less boring & pathetic human being. That’s NEVER attractive.” And yes, indeed–it makes me STABBY.

I see tweets like “I thought we had something good. Where did he go?”; “Where is my husband?”; “When will I finally meet my husband?”; or ‘I wish I could find a husband so I could go to Paris/Venice/outside my house without permission.’ Really, ladies? Aren’t you alive and breathing right now? Get off your computer, remove yourself from your parents’ control, get out there and live your life–quit bitching about your lack of one online. You want your life to change? YOU have the power to make it change… Don’t give that power to a man who hasn’t even materialized yet.

Go out, do the things you dream of doing, LIVE YOUR LIFE. You won’t regret it, I promise. Who knows? You just might meet the man of your dreams while pursuing your dreams…

Yep. I went there...


5 comments on “Please Hold…

  1. Seema says:

    I agree with Samantha and with you. I had to fight hard to gain control over my own life and my own decisions. It has taken a long time. But, I did it. There’s no point in sitting around and whining. Get up and fight for yourself. No one else will.

  2. S says:

    Bookmarking this in case I get emo in the future and need to slap some sense into myself. Thanks.

  3. ishisphere says:

    That bride looks scary!

    I just wrote something about this topic.

  4. ishisphere says:

    sorry,wasn`t meant to post the comment above here

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