Stage 5 Clinger

Girls’ Night Out.

What do those three words mean to you? For some it means cocktails, dressing up, dancing. For others, it may mean dinner at a great restaurant, deep conversation, and a chance to wear those amazing shoes you bought last month.  Everyone has their own definition, and has fun in their own way. (Then there are those of you that like going to male strip clubs–wow, can I NOT relate to that! No thanks, I’m not willing to PAY to see a man take off his clothes…)

Ick! Get off me!

But for some men, those three little words can make their knees quiver in insecurity… or worse, raise the ugly green head of jealousy. Wait, there is one level down from that–the guy that comes to Girls’ Night Out. We all know that guy, and we cringe from a million miles away. These men tend to make their lovely ladies feel guilty for going out without them, or accuse them of trying to find a replacement for them when they go out. If that’s the way you react to your significant other going out, then yes, she should try finding a new ‘ride’, because you obviously SUCK. But seriously… That kind of behavior will only generate resentment on her end, and possibly drive a wedge between you.

Don’t go pointing the finger at her–look at yourself first.

  • Why are you jealous of her going out?
  • Are you forbidding her to go out?
  • Were you wronged in a previous relationship? If so, that is not grounds for taking your insecurities out on her–deal with your own issues. Otherwise, you’re going to end up alone, and possibly repeat the same vicious cycle.
  • Do you get angry when she says she’s going out with her friends? Be careful here… The thin line between jealousy and violence could be crossed–and you don’t want anyone to get hurt in the long run.

Talk to someone–get some perspective. Or at least talk (‘fly off the handle’ and ‘scream’ do not apply here) to her and let her know how you feel… There’s nothing emasculating about sharing your feelings. She may respond in a way that will surprise you both, and make your relationship better and stronger. And make you a better man.


2 comments on “Stage 5 Clinger

  1. phillygrrl says:

    Heh, my bf says I do too many girls nights out. Deal with it.

  2. I actually arrived here since this particular web page has been tweeted by a girl I had been following and i am really I made it here.

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