Things That Weren’t Meant To Be…

Classic Mary J--fantastically done blonde!Like brown people with blonde hair. Unless you’re Mary J. Blige, you’re just not allowed. It looks terrible–which means YOU look terrible. (And she can also afford colorists that many of us cannot–which means that her look is as close to perfect as you can get.)

Yes, I know–this isn’t a very nice post. Especially if you’re a brown person with blonde hair. But let’s be honest… your friends are never going to say, ‘Seriously?! You look terrible, and your cultural complexes are showing right through.’ That’s where I come in. You don’t look good as a blonde, my brown friend… what inspired you to do it?

I can understand wanting to be different, and having fun with your appearance. Hell, I have a section of my hair colored with a color not found in nature. But you brown girls that are rocking out the blonde? The ones I know pretend that they have always been that way. Uhhhh… your mustache tells me otherwise, my dear.

Kim went blonde... and hated it.

Even Kim Kardashian felt the need to check out the ‘blonde’ appeal… and hated it. She went back to her natural color in a matter of weeks. Embrace who and what you are–and what makes you different.

If you think I’m being a bitch–that’s fine. But just remember–I have nothing to lose by telling you the truth. Your ‘friends’, on the other hand, just may.

Good luck, and good fashion sense to you.


5 comments on “Things That Weren’t Meant To Be…

  1. Paresh says:

    What about those of us who, um, lack hair? Do we just chalk it up to things that weren’t meant to be?

  2. Here in the UK we have a whole contingent of Asian girls whose only hairstyle is poker straight black hair, courtesy of ghds.
    And a black wardrobe.
    Somebody should tell them that there’s no need to rock the goth look, because they believe that black is slimming. A quick glance at their behind tells me they are misinformed.

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