WTF, America?

The Craptastic Cast of 'Jersey Shore'

What is up with the obsession with reality TV? Are our lives THAT uninteresting that we must watch complete strangers make asses of themselves on television?

Why this rant? Why today? Because I found out that the Tang-hued moron of ‘Jersey Shore’–The Situation–is estimated to be raking in $5 million dollars this year through salary and endorsements. FIVE. MILLION. DOLLARS. All that for being a gigantic tool on television.

The Cast of 'Jersey Shore' Ringing the Bell

Not only that, but apparently even Wall Street felt the pull of the pop-culture phenomoron, evidenced by the NJS crew ‘Ringing the Bell’ on July 27 of this year. God help us all.

Why do YOU watch reality television? Just curious… Yes, I will probably judge you based on your answer, but I watch some of that crap, too.


2 comments on “WTF, America?

  1. SV says:

    We’ve discussed this before but I’ll re-hash anyway.

    I know there’s a growing contingent of folks who like to look down on Jersey Shore, mainly because I used to be one of them. It’s easy to hear of the stories, and make generalizations in your head of how awful something most likely is.

    But then I watched an episode. And casually watched another. Then I noticed I was looking forward to yet another.

    I was hooked.

    Why do people watch TV? They watch it to momentarily lose themselves from their lives. Some watch serious dramas, some prefer sitcoms, and some will watch whatever it is that’s on at the time.

    But why Jersey Shore? What about this show has made it such a hit that MTV staples such as “REAL WORLD” have now become an afterthought? I can’t answer for the millions (yes MILLIONS) watching every week, but I can answer why I watch it. I watch it for the same reasons I watch movies, the same reasons I enjoy writing screenplays myself.

    The characters.

    Juiceheads? Sure. Guidos? They’re proud of it. If you’re going to watch a single minute of Jersey Shore and base your entire opinion of the show on that, then your preconceived notion of the show will be correct. But if you end up watching an entire episode, or two, then things start changing.

    All members of the house have their own distinct personalities. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is quite possibly the cockiest person I have ever come across. He doesn’t hide the fact he feels like his abs are God’s gift to women and that those in his presence should feel lucky. He’s the first to call out when there are “grenades” around, he doesn’t hold anything back. In other words, at first glance he’s everything people whom have preconceptions about the show, hate about the show.

    But you watch Jersey Shore and somehow The Situation becomes a lovable character. You see that while yes, he is absolutely obnoxiously arrogant, he also has the back and support for all of his roommates. When he doesn’t get the girl in Season 1, he laughs it off and pretends like it doesn’t matter, but the audience knows. You could see it on his face that it humbled him, and the audience eats that stuff up. He’s always the first one who has his roommate’s back. He’s in bed and receives a phone call that one of his roommates is in a fight, what happens? He immediately gets dressed and runs out to help his boy out.

    Pauly D, and Vinnie are two guys who are in their early twenties who are only out there to have fun. They both have great senses of humor and they don’t show their heads getting big even though their fame is starting to grow. You see sentimental sides to them, like when Vinnie’s entire family comes to the beachhouse and has dinner w/ the roommates. We learn about his mother who is always looking after Vinnie, coming to the beachhouse and immediately vacuuming and cooking them all food. You know who else does stuff like that? My mom. And I’m sure most Moms out there.

    This is already way longer than I planned so I’ll wrap it up with this:

    In my opinion Jersey Shore gets a far worse rep than it deserves. People are taking it far too seriously. The characters themselves don’t take it that serious. It’s an hour of people going out, having a few drinks, and coming out with such amazing zingers that they become water cooler discussions the next day all across the nation. The more you watch, you realize that they’re NOT just regular old meatheads, the show would not have survived as long as it did if that were the case. There IS substance behind these characters and the more we watch, the more we see how we can relate to them.

    I’d write more but I feel like I have already gone overboard, continue the JS hating, we’re still going to be fist pumping right through it.


  2. I think most reality shows should be flushed into a gigantic toilet and Jersey Shore is no different but SV is partly right about why people would find them appealing. I think we need to explain that we don’t hate the shows themselves, we hate all the undeserved acclaim that they get. The Situation is annoying not because he’s an idiot, but because he’s an idiot that makes money doing nothing and thinking he deserves it. The same principle goes towards things I generally want to kill, such as Taylor Swift, Twilight, etc. These things would be significantly less of a concern if people don’t go around giving them undeserved awards.

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